Hair Care



Color Treated Hair

Deep Conditioning Color-Treated hair is vital to avoid dryness. We recommend an argan or coconut oil based deep condition after initial coloring. Also bi-weekly or monthly to avoid dryness and frizziness caused by coloring. Professional coloring service is
highly recommended.


Combing and Brushing

Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush on your extensions. Comb from the bottom to the top to avoid pulling the hair causing shedding.


Air drying is highly recommended so the natural wave pattern sets into the hair. Otherwise, a salon/hood dryer can be used.


Holding Curls

Hold your curls with Flexi Rods or Pin Curls
Sleep in a bonnet at night

Extra Tips

Do not cut your weft unless a few cuts are needed for bangs or in the crown area.
Cutting wefts causes shedding

Wash and condition prior to install

Avoid alcohol and sulfate based products as these cause dryness and tangling

Finger comb curly hair or use a wide tooth comb

Do not apply a lot of products to your hair as they weigh the hair down and cause tangling

Do not use Mousse. It  makes the hair hard and locks it causing tangling& shedding